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New Zealand Puzzle Association Inc.

organizer of : NZ open/junior/school vaki ® puzzle and sudoku Championship

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vaki puzzles january

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MindSport Sudoku Jan

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Alphabet Sudoku Jan

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vaki ® puzzle card games vol 2

Weekly Puzzle Sheet

Every week we place a link to a new two page puzzle sheet on this page. The sheet is a pdf file. It has four sudoku and six vaki ® puzzles. The puzzles are of varying levels of difficulty.

In vaki ® puzzles, each cell in the completed grid contains a letter and a number. Each letter appears once in each row and once in each column. Each number appears once in each row and once in each column. Each pair (A1 is the same pair as 1A) appears once, and only once, in the completed grid.

   The current puzzle sheet for 2018 can be downloaded here Recent puzzle sheets can be downloaded by clicking on the links below

week 52

week 51

week 50

Week 49


Vaki ® puzzles can also be solved with playing cards. This link is to a few vaki ® puzzle card games.


Completed vaki ® puzzles (also known as Euler squares or Greco-Roman squares) can be converted to semi-magic squares, where every row and every column adds to the same number. To do this, convert each letter to a number e.g A=0, B=4, C=8, D=12, and then 'add' the letter and the number in each square (so that A1 becomes 1, C3 becomes 11, and D4 becomes 16). If the pairs in each cell are replaced by numbers in this way then each row and each column adds to 34 (1+2+3+4+0+4+8+12). The semi-magic squares can be converted to magic squares (if they aren't already magic), where the diagonals add to the same number (in this case 34) by shuffling rows and columns e.g swapping rows 1 and 4.

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