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New Zealand Puzzle Association Inc.

organizer of : NZ open/junior/school vaki ® puzzle and sudoku Championship

2017 New Zealand Schools Sudoku and Vaki ® Puzzle Champion

Once again this championship will be held in term four, and will be part of a World Schools Championship. Bucklands Beach Intermediate are the reigning world champs, having won the 2016 and 2015 world competitions defeating schools from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

This will be an online competition held in the week 23-27 October 2017. Competitors will play puzzles online (i.e this is a paperless competition). There will be two types of puzzles - classic sudoku and vaki ® puzzles. The puzzles will be scored. In both classic sudoku and vaki puzzles the puzzler starts with some points, loses one point for every second spent solving, loses points for each mistake made, and gains points for every symbol correctly placed. How many points are gained or lost depends on the type of puzzle being played and the difficulty chosen by the puzzler.

Competitors will have 30 minutes and their top four puzzle scores will be combined to give a total score. Competitors will be allowed to select the type of puzzle and difficulty for each puzzle. A competitor may solve, for example, ten puzzles in their 30 minutes and partially solve 3 more. None of the scores from the partially solved puzzles will count, and of the ten solved puzzles the top four scores will count.

2016 New Zealand Schools Sudoku and Vaki ® Puzzle Champion

First  :Samuel Yuan, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
Second  :James Hui, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
Third  :Regina Yun, Bucklands Beach Intermediate

New Zealand Champion School - Sudoku and Vaki ® Puzzle Championship

First  : Bucklands Beach Intermediate
(Samuel Yuan, James Hui, Regina Yun, Sue Jynn Leong)

Second  : Bucklands Beach Intermediate
(Emily Swasbrook, Melissa Zhang, Gavin Stone, Ella Williams)

Third  : Bucklands Beach Intermediate
(Oliver Dai, Wei Tian Teo, Enoch Li, Joey Ding)

2015 New Zealand Schools Sudoku and Vaki ® Puzzle Champion

First  :Nigel Tee, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
Second  :Denny Woo, Bucklands Beach Intermediate
Third  :Ian Hsu, Bucklands Beach Intermediate

2015 New Zealand Primary Schools Sudoku and Vaki ® Puzzle Champion

First  : Jessie Irving, Avonhead Primary
Second  : Joey Ding, Pigeon Mountain Primary School
Third  : Raymond Zhang, Pigeon Mountain Primary School

New Zealand Champion School - Sudoku and Vaki ® Puzzle Championship

First  : Bucklands Beach Intermediate
(Nigel Tee, Denny Woo, Ian Hsu, Dillon Hong)

Second  :Waikowhai Intermediate
(Oliver Huang, Anthony Rigg, Xiaojian Guo)

Third  :Pigeon Mountain Primary School
(Raymond Zhang, Joey Ding, Amy Xiong)

2014 NZ School Championships

The 2014 NZ schools vaki ® puzzle and sudoku championship concluded Friday 24 Oct.

The overall results were:

National Champion School : Bucklands Beach Intermediate

The winner of the High School Competition was Macleans College. Runner up Tamaki College.

More than 100 students from Bucklands Beach Intermediate took part in the championships. The school took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the intermediate school competition.

Kevin Guan of Bucklands Beach Intermediate is the NZ under 18 sudoku champion for 2014. The runner up, also from Bucklands Beach Intermediate is Thomas Ye.

The winner of the primary school competition was Bucklands Beach Primary School. The 2014 primary school champion is Nicholas Williams from Bucklands Beach Primary School.